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Getting Started In Business Analysis

InfoGraphic - Getting Started In Business Analysis
InfoGraphic - Getting Started In Business Analysis

I've seen quite a few posts on Facebook from people who want to know how to get started in a Business Analysis career.

There seems to be some confusion and some misconceptions about this.

So I've started on producing what I hope will be some useful info for aspiring Business Analysts.

Update - my course Getting Started in Business Analysis is now live and online.
Click the link below for more info and to enrol on the course:
Getting Started in Business Analysis

First - an InfoGraphic - Getting Started In Business Analysis - that covers some of the key points.

A sample of this is above and the full graphic is at the foot of this post.

You can download a more readable version - in .pdf format - from my Facebook group - here -
Facebook - Business Analysis Learning

One of the key points that I've covered is BA Starting Points.

One misconception seems to be that you have to have an IT / technical background to get a job as a Business Analyst. This is not true. It may be a requirement for some BA jobs - but for many it is not. It is fairly common for BAs to be recruited from a business role.

Another misconception is that specialist business domain knowledge is needed - for example Financial Services or Logistics. Again - this is not true for all BA roles, especially at entry level.

I'll be writing a series of blog posts on this subject to add more and answer a few more questions.

I'm also working on a short training course - aimed at getting aspiring BAs on track.
The content will be based broadly on the content of the InfoGraphic.
More on that as well in due course.

A few links that you might find interesting and helpful.

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More on this coming soon - and if you have any questions - please post them in the Comments section below.

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