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Business Analysis Jobs - Interview Questions - Part One

Business Analysis Jobs - Interview Questions
Business Analysis Jobs - Interview Questions

One of the most common questions I've seen on social media, from aspiring Business Analysts, is - "Can anybody send me a link to a list of BA job interview questions?".

For any job interview, preparation is a key to success.

The problem is that it is difficult to predict exactly what questions you may be asked in a given job interview. This uncertainty is one of the reasons why most people feel somewhat nervous in this situation.

Lists of generic questions are of limited use.
Much depends on the specific job that you are applying for.

So - how to prepare as best you can? This blog aims to help you.

A possible answer is - a Business Analysis approach!

Interviewers, if are doing their job properly, will not ask you questions at random. They will prepare for the interview, set some objectives and formulate some questions to ask. Three of the possible factors that they will consider are:
  • Your Resume.
  • The Organisation.
  • The Job.
Applying a Business Analysis approach would give you these steps:
  • Fact finding - your resume.
  • Fact finding – the organisation.
  • Fact finding – the job.
  • Analysis – of requirements.
  • Identification – of potential questions.
Your resume - it may seem odd to say "fact finding" here, after all you should know what's in it. But - it is worth reviewing your resume and considering what interview questions might arise.

The organisation - find out more about the company that you want to join. A common question is "Why do you want to join us". You need some convincing answers.

The job - review the job description and any associated documents such as an "ideal candidate" specification. Consider how well you match these, any strong points, any weak areas.

I'll be covering each of these steps, in turn, in more detail in future posts.

For now - to sum up - if you are looking for a Business Analysis job - why not apply your skills as a Business Analyst to help you to prepare and increase your chances of success!

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