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Business Analysis - Professional Qualifications

Business Analysis - Professional Qualifications
Business Analysis - Professional Qualifications

I've seen many posts on Facebook and other social media from aspiring / trainee Business Analysts about how to get into and then progress in the BA role.

A common response from other BAs is that it is experience and business domain knowledge that matters - more than professional qualifications.

Others disagree - it really is a matter of opinion ........

My opinion - for what its worth - is that both matter. If you are seeking a BA job some employers will place a high value on qualifications, some less so, some very little. So - as so often .... it depends.

But if you are looking for a BA job and lack the experience -
a professional qualification is going to help.

So if you are looking for a BA role, do some research, check out relevant job ads. Take a look at the websites and Facebook pages of some of the big IT and Business consultancies. Many companies won't mind an informal enquiry, maybe via social media. Just ask. What qualifications do you particularly value? If I held a certificate or diploma in ... (insert name here) ... would it improve my chances of a position with you?

You are applying for a job that involves finding out stuff.
So practice your skills and find out!

Maybe do this before you invest money and time in training courses.

Much of my own professional background is in delivering training and support for the BA certificates awarded by The British Computer Society (BCS). Widely recognised in the UK and worldwide.
I have worked as both a trainer and an examiner for these.

There are other qualifications that are probably equally useful - in particular those offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). I may cover them in more detail later - but if you want more information visit their website:
International Institute of Business Analysis - Certification

The BCS qualifications are flexible and are suitable for BAs at different points in their careers - from entry level (Foundation) through journeyman (Practitioner) up to Senior Business Analyst (Expert).

To find out more visit their website:
British Computer Society - Business Analysis Certifications

I will say more about this is future posts - with a particular focus on the Foundation and Practitioner levels. I'll add some hints and tips that I hope you will find helpful.

I'm developing some short training packages covering these areas.
I'm calling these "Bite Sized BA".
If you wish - take a look at the first - on YouTube:
Bite Sized BA - Requirements Analysis - Prioritising Requirements

I plan to develop these further - covering more subject areas and adding more depth. Hoping to help those working towards professional BA qualifications at all levels.
So keep coming back to my blog!
As ever - any comments or suggestions, about what you'd like to see, are very welcome.

Steve McIntosh - Business Analyst

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Steve McIntosh. Business Analyst.
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